Land Art

All these sculptures are made with material found within a twenty minute walk of my studio's front door. 

Exhibited at Wells Art Contemporary 2016

ST 35604355717.JPG
gap between.JPG

The gap between.

Plaster cast of the space in the cracks in the earth during the drought of June 2018. 

Painted in gold.

ST 35604355717

Rock, heavy with iron ore, wrapped in string made from Stinging Nettles also with a high iron content. Found together.


Exhibited Wells Art Contemporary 2018

Last stop at the convenience store.


Hazel sticks and found discarded rubbish.

Tripych. Peel.jpg

The Anatomy Act. 2019

Elder Sticks, Blackthorn thorns, Found plastic bottle and nails.

Close up of peel.jpg
the gift 2.jpg

Close up from Anatomy Act.

Elder stick and Blackthorn thorns

The Gift. 

Hazel, Elder and Oak sticks.

Plastic bottle and stinging nettle string.