Sculptures for sale can be seen below.

Rhythms and patterns created by one or two figures are the inspiration and origins of much of my sculpture. Stone carving has been my passion but I also use bronze as it allows me to create work not necessarily achievable in stone. 

 Work available for purchase will have a price tag attached. If you are interested in discussing a purchase, please feel free to contact me. 

Hide (Sold)

Ready to Go (Sold)

Let's Dance

 38 x 34 x 25cm 

Exhibiting at Fine Art Consultancy, London.


32 x 43 x 24cm SOLD

Pike (8/16)

30cm high

Taking the Plunge (6/16)

 32cm high 

the dive.JPG

The Dive. Richemont Stone. 30 x 51 x 19 cms